Drug Rehabs in Greenwich, CT

If you have been paying attention to the news, you've no doubt noticed that drug addiction is on the rise in America. A major factor in this troubling trend is the availability of OxyContin and other very strong narcotic pain relievers. If you have been taking habit forming drugs for some time, the best way to get off them is via confidential drug rehabs in Greenwich, CT. Contact Greenwich Alcohol Treatment Centers today to learn more about various treatment options (203) 290-3392.

It may be of some comfort to know that opioid addiction is not a sign of mental weakness or a lack of morals. Medicines made from poppy flowers can be very effective at relieving severe pain, but taking them for an extended amount of time sets the brain up for dependence. Once habituated to opiates, it can be virtually impossible to stop taking them without feeling sick.

What Is Drug Rehab?

In the simplest terms, drug rehabs in Greenwich involve a stint in a facility that offers a range of programs that help people ditch an addiction while adopting new ways of coping. Rehab is not a religion, and it's not a cult. Many drug rehab treatment centers offer drug detox in Greenwich along with individual and group counseling in a structured, supportive environment where the addict can learn to regain control of their own life.

What Happens in a Drug Rehab Center?

Drug addiction can be a life-wrecking thing. Sadly, many believe that entering a drug rehab facility is as bad or worse as being dependent on drugs. In reality, the choice to check into an in-patient addiction treatment center can be one of the wisest decisions that a substance abuser ever makes. Most addicts who wince at the idea of drug addiction rehab do so because they don't understand how rehab can make their life better in the long run.

Upon check in at a drug or alcohol treatment center in Greenwich, an individualized treatment plan is formulated based on the types of drugs the patient has been taking, the length of addiction, and other deciding factors. In many cases, "dual diagnosis" of addiction and mental illness requires treatment for more than one issue.

Peer group meetings based on the 12 steps of Narcotics Anonymous or SMART Recovery programs are of great benefit to those who stay in a residential addiction treatment facility during their recovery from drug addiction. Programs to boost physical fitness and mental acuity are offered by many rehab centers in Greenwich. Nutritional counseling and cooking classes may also be offered as part of a whole-patient approach to wellness and recovery.

Explore Your Treatment Options

Typically, drug rehab programs involve evidence-based therapies that may include one-on-one talk therapy, group therapy sessions, and cognitive behavior therapy. At some addiction rehab centers, detox medications including naltrexone, buprenorphine, or methadone may be administered to ease opiate withdrawal. Disulfiram or acamprosate may also be prescribed to help rehab guests through the worst parts of detox while checked into a professional drug rehab treatment center.

Short-term rehab involves intensive treatment during a brief inpatient stay at a drug rehab treatment center. Long-term rehab provides 24-hour a day care in a supervised setting that is not a hospital. A typical length of long-term rehabilitation is six to 18 months. This kind of constant care is appropriate for persons who wish to totally rebuild their lives on the principals of sanity and sobriety. Self-destructive behaviors may be decreased or even eliminated with this kind of in-depth treatment program.

Should I Enter a Drug Rehab?

If your life is a mess because of your painkiller habit, a visit to the nearest inpatient drug rehab treatment center may be in order. If you have trouble with substance abuse of any kind, admitting you have a solvable problem is an important step on the path to wellness.

Life is full of choices. If you or somebody that you love is struggling with substance abuse, drug rehabs in Greenwich, CT can help, but only if you contact Greenwich Alcohol Treatment Centers at (203) 290-3392.

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